Why do you charge a performance fee?

There are software developers, traders, accountants, lawyers, and a support team. All these people ensure the robots trouble-free operation and upgraded algorithms. They are working every day, so that the robot would properly operate and the system would bring best trading signals which make money for registered users. Another part of fee makes up the salary for these people.

Who are we?

We are a team of software developers and traders with significant experience in the international currency and financial markets. In 2015, we created the robotic system and tested it in real trading. The robots has been demonstrating positive trading dynamics since 2015. This means that over the past 5 years the number of successful bids significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. In 2018, we decided to grant access to the  signals to the public to invite investments and thus to increase the company’s working capital. The  robots work on a patented algorithm  which has been independently verified on Myfxbook. It is a fully automated high-tech system that is  based on Artificial Neural Network. We invest your money with safety of bank deposit and profitability of Forex & Crypto market.

Why should I trust your company ?

Every business is created by people and survives by benefiting other people, we wouldn’t survive if  our customers didn’t trust us. Our robots started showing positive dynamics since 2015, that means that over the past 5 years the number of successful bids made by the robot significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones.  Our team is constantly improving  our AI technology by developing new algorithms and upgrading the system, striving to deliver the best service to our customers. Another important point to add is we only make money when our clients do, so our objectives are equally alined

Is my money safe ?

Your money is safe because you have full control over your investment. You can stop the trading activity whenever you would like. We profit only when you profit, so our main goal is to protect your account. The EA is programmed to use less than 3% of the available margin, taking as less risk as possible and aiming for realistic results, from 5% to 20% monthly. And most importantly, our system isn’t ruled by the emotions which traders are facing, so you will never see a “revenge position” from our side.

Which broker are we supporting ?

We are not tied to any one broker as long as your broker has an MT4 platform we can work on it. All we need is the authority to trade your funds,

Are my funds fully Liquid ?

Yes you can access your funds from the trading pot at anytime.

Is there any referral programme?

We are thrilled about the results we’ve been able to achieve and we believe you taking the time to refer your friends to us that will benefit you as well. Each time you refer a client to us, you receive 2.5% of each deposit to your account balance.
For instance:
£1000 deposit = £25 referral payment
To get a 2.5% bonus, provide your friend with a link they need to follow and register with. After that send us an email to accounts@forex-droid mentioning your first name and last name and a first name and a last name of your referral. You will be credited with 2% bonus when your referral funds his/her account.

How often is it possible to make withdrawals?

You can withdraw your available balance any time. Forex Droid  doesn’t charge any commission for withdrawals.

Does Forex Droid report my profits to tax authorities?

Fore Droid is an international company, owners of AI and Neural Network Technology. We do not report your profits to any authorities, considering that to be your sole responsibility. You buy a packages subscription, according to which we provide you with AI and Neural Network software, hence this is not considered to be an investment, but a service.

What necessary documents are needed to trade with your company?

Depending if you already have an existing broker, if that is the case you would just be required to sign LPOA agreement. If you do not have an existing broker you would have to provide standard AML documents,  a copy of your passport/ drivers license and also a utility bill/ bank statement either or.

Is the investment Sharia law compliant?

1.  According to the contract, the client delegates the company his/her right to trade. You do not participate in trading, so “hand-to-hand” principle  cannot be applied here, either the notions of risk or gambling cannot be applied here as well.
2. Your profit is not fixed and varies from day to day depending on the results of trades.
3. The profit on successful trades is divided between You and the company in accordance with the proportion that is specified in the contract.
4. Your personal account manager develops a trading plan and monitors your account.
Our service is based on fundamental analysis and makes trades with a high probability to make profit for you.
5. There are stop levels called stop system in the robot settings
6. There are definite time frames specified by each package
7. If there is no profit, Forex Droid does not require a charge. This allows both the company and the client to make a profit without violating standards and guidelines of Shariah law regarding the collection or payment of credit interest.
8. Specific feature of Islamic investment is the mandatory charity contributions. In this way, when all the company’s main expenses are paid, some percentage of the remaining money is directed to charitable contributions or «zakat». Our Islamic lawyers concluded that to speed up the payment of «zakat» it is possible to calculate the difference between the market value of the portfolio at the beginning and at the end of each year by the Gregorian calendar and pay as «zakat» 10.3% (10% by the lunar calendar year) from this difference, if it is positive.

Can I come and meet you at your offices?

Forex Droid is an international automated trading solution. Our project team comes from more than half a dozen  countries, and as a result, our offices are located all over the world, most of them are data centres. Our Head office is in Hong Kong if you want to visit us, you have to make a prior appointment to the security department by contacting us at info@forex-droid.com

Need more info ?

Contact us, and we will pleased to answer all the question you have regarding our trading services.

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